The Icon Estate :: Houndwood and Crest Nicholson

Technically there are two Estates are which are
currently split between Crest Nicolson and Barratt Homes.
Barratt Homes responsibility has now passed to Premier Estates for grounds maintenance.

Land Inside the Red Line is Crest Nicholson’s responsibility
Land inside the Blue Line is Premier Estates’ responsibility
Land inside the Green Rectangles are Premier Estates’ responsibility
All grass in the nature area to the East is Crest Nicolson’s responsibility
The Swale on the Right side of the central green is Premier Estates’ responsibility
The cross-road on Serenity/Couture is Crest Nicolson’s responsibility

For responsibility, phone numbers / email addresses
Please contact the Houndwood Community Group at

Whilst we cannot answer any legal questions, we really would like to hear from you about
your concerns regarding anything on either part of the whole Houndwood Estate.

We already have a good deal of information about all aspects of
the development and the future adoption of the whole Houndwood Estate.

We are here to help you get in touch with the right person
in the correct department for any of the following items:

Crest Nicolson Area Responsibility
Gardening / Grass Cutting / Tree preservation / Roads / Lighting
(Landscaping, Maintenance, Nature Area – Pond & The Green)

Barratt is now Premier Estates Responsibility
Gardening / Grass Cutting / Tree preservation / Roads / Lighting
(Landscaping Maintenance & Common areas of Apartments (Limetree and Moonraker and Bosun Walk)

                   LIVEWEST Housing   ::   Ask LiveWest directly

Shared Ownership Housing / Rented Housing must speak directly to the Landlord.

Premier Estates charge must be paid for as it is part of the Lease for that House / Flat.
Currently, Crest Nicolson private homes are not covered by Premier Estates.