There are four road-related subjects –

  1. Speeding (the number 1 issue in the 2017 resident survey) click here for more
  2. Parking (the number 2 issue) click here for more
  3. The condition of the roads (the number 4 issue)
  4. Street Lighting (the number 6 issue)

For items 3 & 4 we have contacted both Crest Nicholson and Barratts numerous times about issues of maintenance on the estate and are somewhat disappointed with the speed of response. They have both started the process towards getting the roads and street lighting adopted by Somerset County Council. To achieve the adoption roads and street lights need to be completed to the plans agreed when planning permission was granted, so this should solve the issues. We can then report defects to Somerset County Council through their online reporting tools which are known to work however adoption can take a few years to complete.