We all know that there is insufficient parking on the estate for residents’ cars, especially when we have visitors. Garages are classed as a parking space, and some houses only have a garage and a car that won’t fit in it. We are preaching tolerance since most of us or our visitors are guilty of not parking in an approved slot, or using visitors slots even though we are residents.

When parking on paths, principally on Couture Grove, please leave a 1-metre clear space on the path to enable wheelchairs, pushchairs and mobility scooters to pass and
not force them onto the road. We have some cards to place under windscreens as reminders when people are blocking the path.

We also have some cards to place under windscreens when someone parks in an allocated slot i.e. a parking bay that is owned by a specific dwelling.

If you want either of these cards please email us.